• Ingredients: 12
  • Serves: 6

Herbed beef stew with sugar snap peas with sugar snap peas, minced fresh parsley.


For dressing

  • 1 bunch arugula, washed well and spun dry
  • 1 small bunch frisée , washed and spun dry
  • 1 small head Boston lettuce, washed and spun dry


For sauce:

  • 1/2 cup fat-free chicken broth
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 2 tbsps. molasses
  • 1 tsp. cornstarch


  1. Step 1 Heat 2 teaspoons oil in heavy large Dutch oven, preferably nonstick, over medium-high heat. Add half of beef and cook until beef is brown, stirring occasionally, about 7 minutes.
  2. Step 2 Add onion and garlic to Dutch oven and sauté until onion is tender, about 10 minutes. Return meat and any juices in bowl to Dutch oven.
  3. Step 3 Stir in wine. Simmer until liquid is reduced to half, about 5 minutes. Add beef broth, tomatoes, half of thyme and half of rosemary.
  4. Step 4 Stir in peas, parsley, remaining 1 tablespoon thyme and remaining 2 teaspoon rosemary. Cover and simmer until peas are tender, about 5 minutes.

    For this step you will need